Choice Of The Mrs.Sporty Of 2011:

Women’s sport chain honored the achievements of their members who win ten finalists again a dream weekend in a luxury hotel with an exclusive photo shoot, the two winners shoot with Stefanie Graf and to see the campaign in the next Mrs.Sporty. The Grand Finale is on the 04.06.2011 in the presence of the press at the Ellington hotel instead of the event of the year at Mrs.Sporty! It is happening again: Mrs.Sporty rewarded the success of its members and seeks the Mrs.Sporty of 2011 “. The women’s sport club honours women who have defeated the inner pig dog and others developed by Stefanie Graf, the concept, and now have a more active, healthier life with this award. An exciting undertaking at over 450 clubs in Germany, Austria, the Switzerland and Italy, as well as approximately 150,000 members. Each of the women has a chance to qualify with their personal success story and fotoshooten as one of the Ten finalists in exclusive designeten outfits in the Ellington Hotel: elegant, sporty and businesslike.

Previously are it online, on the way for one of the ten candidates to vote. Each Finalist will receive as a gift professional pictures of the photographs of two of the women are the Mrs.Sporty of 2011 as winners “chosen. Personal success stories change the training and the nutrition at Mrs.Sporty demonstrably life members of the positive. Time and again, amazing and unique success stories from the clubs can be heard. The Mrs.Sporty of 2011 must have done no special services, since success can be many things: it can be measure in centimetres with a lower waist circumference or laughter lines won quality of life. Lost pounds count as well as closed friendships or defeated disease.

Regular meetings with other women at Mrs.Sporty or outside of training mean to have put something on the legs, changed. In the year 2010 Annette Lipowski (48) and Yvonne Heidemann (22) won the title Mrs.Sporty of the year”. The former defeated a long umbilical hernia OP and again took the 50 kilogram eaten by stress. Latter could finally rid 27 kilos after numerous diets and this was a much more open person. Mrs.Sporty is very excited about the year’s stories of women and hopes to many applications. The achievements of the Mrs.Sporty and also their heart are personal sports club the successes of its members. The concept has proven itself and the women’s sport chain can register on the flag, that she know what women want and need: only three times 30 minutes circuit training in a week, can be integrated flexibly into the everyday life of the modern woman, as well as an individual nutrition inspire Europe members. The result is a sustainable weight loss, new self-confidence and better quality of life. With great training atmosphere: the Mrs.Sporty Club is familiar and friendly, not of competition, there is mutual motivation and support. Encourage the unique success stories of other members, because the Mrs.Sporty concept fits for every age and every sport experience. The women’s sport chain can therefore also this year wait to read the applications and the Mrs.Sporty of 2011 “to be chosen. The event of the year to visit the major final fashion show at the Ellington hotel! The 04.06.2011 it is as far as the Ten finalists will appear in different outfits before the jury and present your personal success story. Stefanie Graf will Crown the winners. Previously can be adjusted online on. Miss not the unique live show!

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