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Esperanza Aguirre

All together, he has stated, each from the dnsa of their ideas, we can send a resounding message that, in Madrid, the unit to work for economic recovery is the most important thing and we are going to get. Congratulations … Continue reading


What snowboard you should buy and why a good equipment is always worth why is a proper snowboard equipment worth! Who does not dream of a beautiful snowy slope down to nozzles, swinging through the deep snow. But before then, … Continue reading

Coolest Balls

This game is fun, as partners, and the audience, therefore, it is present and aesthetic element. Billiards – irreplaceable means of recreation. He takes off built-up tension. Playing almost entirely diverted from the everyday trivialities and given exciting contest. Billiards … Continue reading

Web Taekwon-do

In the Bavarian Garching b. Munchen, Kwon, Jae-Hwa (7th Dan) will hold on Sunday, may 3, 2009, the Bavaria-wide course system Grandmaster will Kwon, Taekwon-do Jae-Hwa (7th Dan) from New York starting at 16:00 in Garching b. Munchen Bavaria-wide black … Continue reading

Pay Out

Not that every time we learn more English, but our growing ignorance of the Castilian, which is not the same. It happens, for example, to those who refer to a casual outfit, when in reality would mean informal. Will end, … Continue reading


The 21 Cologne SportTreff the motto “Outdoor and climbing” on September 24, the 21 Cologne SportTreff will take place at 19: 00 in the BRONX climbing Hall in Wesseling near Cologne. This time sports-savvy managers from industry will come together … Continue reading

The Dream Of The Own Sport Club:

Mrs.Sporty is looking for the ‘Chef’ for Steffi Graf. / The chosen one sponsors Mrs.Sporty with Home Premium for the creation of the own sport clubs. Before but most convincing ten candidates before a jury must prove who can best … Continue reading