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Redefined Business

A small businessman on the verge of failing invested $47 USD, more than $3,500 USD won in three months. It was after midnight and Rigoberto had insomnia due to their economic problems. His lifelong business was about to disappear after … Continue reading


Soon it analyzes on the MANDARIN of Ea de Queiroz. Tatiana Dantas Santana ' ' You, you read that me and you are a mortal man, will touch you it bell? ' ' Ea de Queiroz (1880) Writing in 1880 … Continue reading


She flew near the sleeping and tail loosened. As a big fan of Chinese disagreed this tail gradually. Initially did not notice the sleeping really, what is this tail is not discerned. And when made out, I saw the incredible … Continue reading

One Another Perspective

How to speak of what it is not? I believe that it is impossible, but regarding perspectives, we can conceive not-to be to apartir of a logical-deductive referencial. Dived in after-modernity, with an unhealthy search on the instant, desiring to … Continue reading

State Professor

The life of a professional of the teaching goes very beyond its academic attributions, necessarily passes for a daily learning on all the aspects that go up to around the social universe, which intervenes decisively with its disciplines specific. In … Continue reading

The Cognitivo

This nature or naturalness of the individual completely implies its proper essence taken in its contingent reality, limited for its proper totality. Occam, what it seems, not it distinguishes the essence from the existence, as they make it the scholastic, … Continue reading

The Beginning

' ' The principle is the unit of all coisas' ' (5), unit in the direction of, although the differences and of the multiplicity of the things, the principle reuniz them, only condenses them in one, giving to such thing … Continue reading

The Question

The jnios, for example, defended that the diverse bodies were proceeding from an only substance. Tales it affirmed to be the water, the beginning of all the things; Anaximenes opposing itself it this conception, defended to be air and Anaximandro … Continue reading


The empirical changes in the conception of the eleata, did not pass of mere illusions. In the attempt to decide this shock between Parmnides and Heraclitus, Plato admitted the existence of two distinct realities: the intelligible world and the sensible … Continue reading