She flew near the sleeping and tail loosened. As a big fan of Chinese disagreed this tail gradually. Initially did not notice the sleeping really, what is this tail is not discerned. And when made out, I saw the incredible beauty bright, and even though he was full of precious stones, although they were not real stones. Showed the tail of a bird and flew away. Let's list again Two sets of characters.

In the dream: the bare mountains, fog, bird is big, beautiful, unlike the living, known birds, the tail is a beautiful, precious stones, the bird flew away. Dream on: the mountains bare – anxiety and at the same time: to see the mountain- difficulty; fog – is unknown; bird – a guest, tail – the consequences. Interpretation is offered. Sleeping at a time when I saw this dream was in terrible anxiety and difficulties in the (awful, because high mountains). Ahead in her life, everything is uncertain (fog). And now it comes to someone. A bird can mean news, but then pointed out in his sleep, the eyes are alive, just human.

This man, the guest, not like the others, an unusual and probably from abroad, from somewhere far away (overseas bird, Firebird). On the other hand, since this is the Firebird, it's fate, the change of fortune and happiness. This guest will bring happiness associated with it will change in my life! Moreover, these changes will come gradually (not immediately notice the beauty of the tail).

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