Pedro Council

The flagella are already spilling over the world came in the previous chapter, demonstrating the relationship of various biblical passages with flagella, which we must study to understand the book of revelations. In addition, it is essential to be dirt in the Jesus Christ to always learn more, as we can see in the first Epistle of St. Peter in Chapter 5 th, we will more forward, read in its entirety, weaving comments, which recommends humility and vigilance. He warns us: If we were sober and watchful, evil, who walks around us, everywhere, the adversary who us around like a lion roaring looking for someone to devour, nothing achieved with us, because we resist before him, steadfast in the faith, sure that suffering equal to them that they spend, or we can confront, they are serving in the brotherhood spread over the world. We believe all mankind as our brothers. Is ecumenism without restrictions, a step ahead of the Total; Therefore, not only among human beings, but also between these and the spiritual, that exist, despite being still invisible to the physical eyes. The world of spirits is a reality, but where they would be Jesus and loved ones who, one day, we hope to reconnect? Us, that we are still in the ground, we cannot close our future to such wonderful perspective.

Life is eternal. Thus affirmed in that faith Confortante we deify, being humble before the mighty hand of God, so that, in due time, the pastor us, we follow Pedro Council, delivering to the heavenly father our fear, because he has taken care of us with his divine mercy. Flagella can leave many people anxious. People long accustomed to thinking about the Apocalypse as something that will still happen. No! It has been accomplishing from the time of San Juan Evangelista. The sensitive exiled on Patmos, by order of Domitian, wrote for his time and for the future, and upon him was vibrating the same inspiration of God who came, for example, to the prophets Ezekiel and Daniel.

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