The Time Machine

The man introduced since the fire, dominates and begins to ignore the order to live, he created an entire system for improvements in its primitive forms of life, from the primitive community to present day. The man’s own story, told through the stages of evolution of the buildings has proven so. Getting to hold fire, keep drinking water for dry times, and revolutionize the technique to make the products of goods and services and create conditions for recreation and spiritual enjoyment has been part of his emotional and physical, their intellectual work, empirical ways and embrace the future, in an abstract way, developed at a high level of technology and ways and habits. Why did the man know what you want in the future, not to build on these forms of new development for mankind, now take active steps to avoid the most polluted planet shares antropizantes product, which has been the consequence of a series of actions since launched against the planet from the moment they discovered fire? We can not think of the fatalistic earth, let alone the effects of human individuality that may dominate as a premise, as all negative effects would result in the Planet Earth, can be destroyed … but in fact we are optimistic and believe that the not too distant future, the reality is imposed, the truth and conscience of men too, and the concrete measures and actions can be carried into effect. We can not believe that the Bible prophecies, psalms, and other works of art, like Jules Verne’s futuristic novels and films as The Time Machine, Alien I, II, III, etc., Where we want to show an uncertain future for the planet, can not be swept away with the integration, brotherhood, intelligence, and actions of peoples and countries to combat pollution destruction of Planet Earth. What to do? All actions will always be few, along with the great necessity of paying damages for delays and economic models imposed on those countries that are carriers of raw materials, because the lack of resources, pollute the environment, especially as regards the dumping of sewage untreated into the aquifer.

We need to increase financial contributions to eliminate the sub-development, and accelerate MACRO-structures to improve the living conditions of the people, his mastery of nature, through the use of underground infrastructure networks for water, gas, electricity, telephony and Internet. It takes the accelerated development of the food industry and pharmaceuticals, to fight hunger and disease pandemics. It is well known that these scourges of mankind as a result bring a massive expansion of death, to the detriment of the human races, and the logical forms of inter-ethnic mixing. Just as the fall in the hands of works, the world’s population and living standards. In the developed world are further measures that need to be taken to ensure no air pollution, within which emphasizes the protection of industries, cars, against the emission of pollutants, solid waste treatment, no use of chemical weapons, neutron, or nuclear, and energy savings and raw materials. Only in this way we will be realistic, given the biblical prophecies, only this way we act with God, better Christians, to achieve the earthly paradise, while we have life, a better place where the first biblical commandment to be as fulfilled as possible: Ama neighbor as yourself …

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