Pastoral Council

Mrs. Gabriela could not attend this meeting and I offered for reasons of time Gabriela had opportunity to meet with the pastor before each Council meeting. After the days of my meeting with the coordinators, I met the lady mentioned in the street near the church, and told me that what I had done and said in that meeting was wrong and that it would speak in council. And so it was indeed a very sobering tone and trying to show their ability to face meeting with the other pastoral groups, told me before all the advice that my attitude left much to be desired, and lacking in seriousness. I was no good for this. Recently I realized that some of the pastoral projects, I submitted a council of no consequence and nobody said anything about it. One detail that I wish, and suddenly you should not because it could be interpreted as self-interest of my person, as follows: Each month in our parish was carried out in each zone meaningful action, and some council members gave talks at these meetings, and I offered for this.

The first day at the end of my speech, people were happy, praising the way to express myself, and that they would make the pastor. There was never a comment or by policy, no mention of such developments. I repeat I do not care, it does confirm to the above. Communication and mutual trust with my wife, let me tell you everything that happened in the Pastoral Council, and it seems that somehow this came to know that advice.

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