About the possibilities of journalists for democracy become involved by Andreas Klamm, New York / London / Paris – In the year 2009 I celebrate my 25 years service as a journalist, broadcast journalist, author, and writer and also as a free TV – radio and media producer. Since 1988, I am engaged in numerous groups and initiatives in networks against violence. A wide and important journey. About 25 years ago, I realized how important in the process against violence and for peace would be the media and the work of journalists in international work. For a television broadcast on the topics of “Journalism and the possibilities of journalists”, who can engage also against violence and for peace, maybe even must, I received an award in 1987 by the Landeszentrale fur politische Bildung in Rhineland-Palatinate. Many current events and the publication of my two new books dealing with a true voice for peace, the internationally respected Colleague and journalist Amy Goodman of democracy NOW! I offer more information and impetus to the issues, human rights, civil rights, commitment against violence and for peace and democracy in the context of lectures and presentations nationally, nationwide throughout Germany, in Europe and in the United States of America. Bookings are possible via email: and on the editorial staff of radio IBS liberty, email:. For more and detailed information can be found at my two new books devoted to the journalist and broadcast journalist Amy Goodman with a part of interacting and working are available in all bookstores in France and Germany and also at Internet bookstores, such as about,,, and many other providers on the Internet.

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