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Management experts call for more diversity at the Hilton talk in Berlin and speak for pattern breaks from Berlin, 13 September 2012 never before was the company of such a complex and far-reaching changes affected how currently. But how can politicians and corporate arms respond to rapid change? At the invitation of Hotel Manager Ronald van Weezel discussed Michael Marzheuser, managing partner of MarzheuserGutzy communications consulting, at the second Hilton talk in Berlin with three experts on the subject between change rage and scared stiff: how much change must be? “.” In addition to the Chief Executive Officer of the Association of professional executives (DFK), Dr. Ulrich Goldschmidt, stood Olivier Harnisch, Hilton Managing Director for North and Central Europe, as well as management researchers Prof. Dr. Hans A. Wuthrich answer.

The essence of the discussion: In the boardrooms, a new understanding of leadership is needed. The company links should its top officials again in the Embed decision making processes. Otherwise threatened loss of expertise, Dr. Ulrich Goldschmidt said. Furthermore, he advocated strengthening the culture of trust in German companies. “Because: A boss who expects loyalty from his subordinates must be loyal towards them.” In addition urged the lawyer to more diversity in the Executive Committees.

The demographic trends will cause that in future get more women in leadership positions. The company would have to offer these in turn new working time models. Occasionally I hear from company bosses, that they therefore not women because these would eventually pregnant and thus leave the job. But by the pregnant women not dissolve Yes. Available only for a period of time not available”emphasized Dr. Goldschmidt and urged to quickly incorporate women into professional life after the baby break. On the subject of women, the DFK Board Member, said that the media attention of not only the situation in the Should come to the boards of the DAX.

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