Set Alarm: The Right Candidate At The Right Time

The new tool “Set alarm” simplifies and accelerates the contact between companies and job aspirants. Reutlingen (July 23, 2012). The Suddeutsche communication agency describes Wagner Wagner with their in-house developed tool points alarm”an unusual and innovative way of determining personnel particularly interested candidates to the company to bind and respond to new staff requirements cost-effectively and flexibly. A large percentage of visitors to corporate websites consists of people who are looking or want to look for new employment opportunities. Many of these visitors come back repeatedly on the same pages and find out about vacancies.

Under these job seekers, the identification with the image of the company is very pronounced; the motivation for exactly this company work highly. These interested parties miss the companies in many cases because the corresponding divisions no vacancies to fill. The tool Set alarm”represents a new way of thinking in parts. Why should matching employees begin with advertising only when positions are vacant? Rather, the binding of those interested in the company should be at an early stage. Modern human resources management this requires rethinking how of the staff determination. By a reactive mindset that focused exclusively on current personnel changes must focus more on an active, forward-looking orientation. Motivated and committed applicants must be bound to the company at an early stage.

The goal of the tool set alarm”is to assist companies in future appointments. Companies can win quickly and flexibly those people for themselves, that exhibit a very high level of motivation to work for just your company. This is an immensely important additional factor, in addition to the General qualifications. In current staff determination methods of ideal desire applicants must be exactly at that time for a Be interested in place where it is vacant. Random to keep as low as possible this factor, some companies operate major efforts, including the elaborate and expensive candidate portals with connected database.

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