Good Clientele

But with the discovery of a great crystal sheet in its small slice of land, it one rich gentleman became. However its humildade did not leave of side. ' ' It is felt, Ado' ' , it suggests Ernest. When seeing it, Farropilha of the one outburst of laughter and declares: ' ' Now it is only lacking the Floriano! ' ' This man of appearance rudi, is creative of cattle and butcher. Three, four days before abating a cattle head, the same go of house in house, offering meat. Generally all the meat is vendida, before abates it. In saleta of the warehouse, new they play billiards. Colloquy goes, colloquy comes.

' ' the Leto, that so far did not arrive? ' ' , Bernardinho question, smoothing its parquet block with chalk. ' ' If it will not be in house, must be with the Prazerosa' ' , Antonio answers Quarry, ' ' lately it runs day and night behind it; until he seems that he is apaixonado.' ' Bernardinho interrupts: ' ' This is badly, much badly! ' ' It is close midnight. After the Good Clientele, and of the house of subdelegate, silence predominates, and the night becomes mysterious. Total tipsy Napoleo, cries out: ' ' It brings me, more wine, rendered unhappy woman, if I do not give one to it sova.' ' Mrs. of hands and wrinkled face, and mesclados hair of black person and white, shyly mutter: ' ' Why does not leave a little for tomorrow? ' ' The modified subdelegate, made use to beat in the wife, turns over for it. ' ' The usual woman; since when I gave permio to give order to it? She helps it to raise, woman me dud! ' ' Knowing the husband well, the old one did not think two times; it soon treated to run away.

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