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Interpersonal Familial Relationships

The relationships between human beings, since the beginning of its existence, had been always marked by conflicts, divergences of opinions, values and beliefs. How they say who to it has mother-in-law! History is always the same one is where time … Continue reading

The Celestial Vault

My story notices to the Reader This is part of a personal thought that it inspired to me to reflect on a portion of subjects that guide and desregram the life of the human being. The stronger greater and of … Continue reading

Good Clientele

But with the discovery of a great crystal sheet in its small slice of land, it one rich gentleman became. However its humildade did not leave of side. ' ' It is felt, Ado' ' , it suggests Ernest. When … Continue reading

Imagine the following scenarios; which best describes your situation? It has finally managed to realize a great idea into a business model that now only needs to open its doors to the public; It has an excellent product or service, … Continue reading


As part of its craft, it enters in all the cmodos of the house to make the labor detail. In the dormitory of the senator it finds, among others lixos played in the soil, an envelope of condom. Search a … Continue reading