Personal Growth

Once the individual has reached a high level of personal growth and development, begin to appear necessarily questions, doubts and existential questions that lead the eye to transcendence, to the recent issues. It starts psychology to recognize that along most of its modern history, has turned its eyes to areas of doing, or having power, sidestepping the issue of Being, the meaning and significance, and that on many occasions has confused the ontology (the philosophy of Being) with Religion or, in worst cases, been reduced to an epiphenomenon or a hidden disease. a It is noted that while U.S. Maslow sensed the limitations of the movement that he created a Czech psychoanalyst, rescuing the pioneering work of Otto Rank, he rushed to the task of charting new spaces of the unconscious, hitherto unexplored by Psychology. It was the Stan Grof, who a few years later, invited by the government of the States U.S.

to conduct a psychiatric research institute in Maryland, ends up meeting the same Esalen Maslow. It has also written, which no doubt, that Abraham Maslow was one of the first researchers interested in studying the psychology of beings more “advanced” has given the history of mankind. What interested him was to examine the most psychologically healthy people, of course, a rare minority which included Christ and the mystics of different cultures. What I inferred, after studying thoroughly the lives of these men “enlightened” was that they had put their identity and enclosed in his person, his ego, in its history.

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