Defrosting Set

To re-enable the refrigerator is not resolved less than 5 minutes. Clean the cabinet is recommended at least once a month. Clean the freezer should be performed after each thawing. Water used for cleaning should not fall on the control panel or lighting elements. To clean the entire refrigerator, except for a door seal, it is recommended to use warm water with a small amount of mild detergent disinfectant means, such as dishwashing liquid.

Do not use cleaners that contain abrasive powders, acids, solvents, chemical or polishing tools. INSIDE AND ACCESSORIES Use to clean, soft cloth, which can dampen dish detergent. If you use dish detergent, then wash off the remnants of the means to clean water and then wipe all surfaces dry with a dry cloth. When cleaning the boxes of frozen food to be learned from the refrigerator. SEALS DOORS Door seals should be cleaned only with clean water, then wipe dry.

If the seal has got oil, soy sauce, etc., immediately remove these substances, as uplotneniteli top and bottom of the door can easily be damaged. Be careful when removing dirt, so as not to damage the seals. THAWING FRIDGE Refrigerator defrosting automatic camera. At the same time the melt water flows down the gutters and then through the hole to drain the melted water to evaporation pan at the back of the refrigerator, where the evaporation. Please always be careful to melt water could drain off without a hitch. If the refrigerator still formed a layer of ice or frost refrigerator should be defrosted, as too thick a layer of ice and frost degrades the cooling efficiency and increases electricity consumption. The freezer should be defrosted when the ice layer thickness reaches about 0.5 cm, but at least twice a year. Defrosting Set the refrigerator thermostat to position '0 ', disconnect the power cord from the wall outlet and open the cell doors. Take out the product and all accessories. To remove the melted water from the bottom of the freezer Use a sponge. Defrost the freezer should be as fast as possible (the longer the food is stored at room temperature, the more reduced their shelf life). Once thawed, thoroughly clean the inside of the refrigerator.

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