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Expedia.es ensures a more comfortable stay for 67 Euros per night in a double room. Las Cristinas its origin goes back to a Saint born in a noble family. Since the middle ages several ladies of royalty were called Cristina, … Continue reading

Defrosting Set

To re-enable the refrigerator is not resolved less than 5 minutes. Clean the cabinet is recommended at least once a month. Clean the freezer should be performed after each thawing. Water used for cleaning should not fall on the control … Continue reading


Lose kilos is a common battle that fights for people around the world. The kilos loss really has to be seen as a process, and not a quick fix key that will make the pounds disappear. When they see it … Continue reading

Stevia Plant

Stevia extract is easily soluble in water and resistant to cooking. It is easy to bake biscuits with honey and stevia instead of sugar or make lemonade (plain water + lemon juice + stevia extract). Growing Stevia Stevia in our … Continue reading

Interesting Facts About Tea

Interesting facts about tea and tea related to many interesting legends and facts. Some facts about the case is very unusual and instructive. In this article, we gathered the most interesting of them. In England decided to bowl first pour … Continue reading