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The sexuality intervenes very with the question of the identity, mainly of the child and the adolescent, and thus, it intervenes with the learning process. Child adolescent that can have a little more than knowledge of itself, of its sexuality, starts to have a bigger pertaining to school development, a development of the learning best, in the measure where the relation between self-knowledge, sexuality and learning is great. The clarification of the curiosidades of the children and young cannot generate distresses and tensions, thus influencing, in the learning. In this manner, the main characteristics of pedagogo facilitador of the work of sexual orientation are: availability in dealing with the subject and the commitment to be brought up to date with the referring information to the sexuality, as well as on the resources being used for the pupils, guaranteeing respect to the differences, the ethics in the work, common-sense, easiness in directing group dynamics, searchs for knowledge of the subject, good relationship with the pupils and tranquilidade in relation to the sexuality, is some of the necessary conditions to pedagogo, for the accomplishment of the sexual orientation in the schools. 2 Consideraes Ends Under the thought of that the school is a place of curiosidades, dreams, fears, learning, conquests, discoveries etc., if cannot exclude the manifestations of the sexuality, and yes, create a space of open and frank quarrel with the child, in the attempt to leave of side the proper preconceptions, allowing that each one if shows as is: with its doubts, conflicts, fears and you distress. It is through the school, that if withholds the necessary pedagogical ways for the systematic intervention on the sexuality, in order to provide the formation of a more critical opinion on the subject, allowing, thus, the satisfaction and the yearnings of the pupils. With frequency the educators come across themselves with on situations to the sexuality in the pertaining to school scope.

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