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I recently read a book on sales. And it said that the profession of sales agent 10% of positive response to the offer to purchase products digging – it's a very good indicator. In fact, trade agents say 90 times … Continue reading

New Educational Technologies

EMILIO the PRADO OF the FONSECA the perspective of the global world has tax to the society, institutions and individuals a number I more raise of technological innovations in a rhythm each sped up time. These occurred advances, mainly in … Continue reading

Digital Inclusion

Third Sector and the Digital Inclusion in the Education * Vilmar Pedroso Controlling Guedes of Projects of the Intellectos Center of Research and Educational Development Mrcia de Borba Fields Associate Professor of the Pontifical University Catholic of the Rio Grande … Continue reading

The Efficiency

There is another thing that draws attention to priboru.Esli this kind of instrument the smallest capacity and power to connect to an existing heating, the efficiency of the existing system, its efficiency considerably uvelichitsya.K Sorry I can not publish the … Continue reading

Moscow State University

In Moscow the lights went out ‘iconic’ buildings of the capital: Moscow State University, the sports complex “Luzhniki”, hotel “Ukraine”, Academy of Sciences, the area of Europe, the radio tower in Shabolovka, home to Smolenskaya Embankment, hotels ‘Beijing’ and complex … Continue reading

What You Should Know To Get Spanish Grant ?

If you want to study in Spain, learn Spanish, admiring the beautiful views and enjoying the mild climate of this hospitable country, then you can try to get a scholarship. What will this do? The first – is to read … Continue reading

RSCU Projects

On "Seliger" Elena came already in the role of organizer, co-ordination of people involved, record keeping, record keeping, meeting guests. Students RSCU, as well as others, lived in a huge tent camp, situated between two bays of Lake Seliger. It … Continue reading