AS well, in this war of the 21st century, the victory will be only for who can be handle with expertise (among others) the new rules 3: 1st. NEW rule: You are a leader who has arrived where he is because he has proven his strategic genius at the time. Therefore, you understand that today is a war of computers and therefore can NO longer work only. Given that to win you you need to realize the VISION of the future of your business, know that it will do so through the exercise and the power of their teams of people, therefore the first that nothing, must invest in select and incorporate the best leaders of teams: i.e. commands with the appropriate TALENTS to form and manage teams and managers. ALL WARS GENERALS EARN THEM AND THEIR OFFICERS DID OR NOT SO? Now well, that commands leadership team to be able to give you results will asked you you them of: a.- Responsibility and capacity for decision-making in their Area of action. Managers (or General as you) of true level, tend to work permanent training for change and make leaders to their COLLABORATORS in his charge (personnel call them that they will lose the war), and expect to be measured by their objectives monthly, quarterly, annual, the handling of budgets, work climate and high motivation, improvements in their processes, etc. b.-all the necessary authority, must include permission to kill (terminate) all which are not helpful to the interests of the company, without having to ask permission from you. That should give an pena if that process reengineering people, are affected their close relatives or friends, their compadres or protected until today with you, or your old people of their confidence all working until today almost untouchable or no results.

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