Construction Firms

Currently, construction firms can operate in a fiercely competitive (and now the financial crisis) only if the absolute automation of the production process and using the latest technology that allows you to save material resources to accelerate the pace of construction, efficient use of labor workers and craftsmen. For example, if you take the most common process in construction – preparation of the solution, then, here it is essential to fit all existing regulatory standards, because its use applies to both new construction and the restoration of old, and its quality is directly dependent on what equipment is used for its manufacture. Today has been successfully used such equipment as the mortar, which are provided for transport and further applied to a surface to be processed, the solution, and they differ among themselves productivity, range and power supply solution. Key sites of mortar – the engine, tank and hoses, the allowable size of The sand fraction is indicated in the documentation provided with the equipment. Mortar for feeding fine-grained concrete called gyratory, and a grouting works on the principle of transfer of the solution hose to located on the end of the nozzle or nozzle plaster, while the construction itself is quite simple and easy to use. In works such as installation and consolidation of the formwork, smoothing surfaces, masonry work, and, of course, the very transportation solution implemented with the help of this equipment fairly quickly and easily. Another frequently used in the production of a plunger-diaphragm mortar, which gives the solution in the receiver by moving the pressure reciprocating plunger, rubber diaphragm through the working medium (water). Equipment refers to the cost and productive technical devices, but lack a diaphragm mortar is fast srabatyvaemost rubber diaphragm, the decline in productivity due to leakage and evaporation of water.

Piston grouting – robust and reliable equipment – it does not contain the cylinder C by means of a liquid and a diaphragm, a key business unit – the piston, directly affects the solution, has a good supply, long working resource (2000 mach / h). An important type of construction site equipment is the mixer – this sets a horizontal shaft, formed from the tank with ball bearings at the ends and a mixing mechanism. Mixer is designed primarily to make the dry mix and stir-grained mortars. Mixers with vertical shafts have a complicated structure, consisting of 4 pillars, each of which are mounted mixing and selective mechanisms (shoulder). High quality mixing molding compounds, as well as sedentary and mobile concrete making this equipment is universal.

Kind of a cyclic force mechanism, a working element in the form of stars, rotating around and mixing solution thus is a planetary mixer. Equipment is provided for uniform mixing of heavy-duty solution, is a universal and costly manufacturing equipment. Vibrooborudovanie today plays an important role in construction, because, through different mechanisms in this group can now deliver, unload, ramming dry mixes, as well as dehydration fractions. For example, consists of an asynchronous motor and the rotor, a general-purpose vibrator. Seal concrete or soil mass is a frequent necessity of building procedures, which currently uses a vibrator with a circular vibrations. In building trade (depending on the type and scope of work) may be used including vibrators with vibration direction, depth, explosion proof, hand-held flexible shaft, vibrouplotniteli, vibration tables, screeds – the type and kind of equipment is selected as chief engineer and negotiated with the management of the organization.

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