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Jesus with certainty already would acquire all somativa proceeding from its celestially divine auto-existence. The Vers.40 participates to us that the Master grew and if he fortified and not that it grew fortified, therefore if cannot deduce with whom Jesus of course loads in itself exactly the capacity of a proper briefing without he is needed by means of this fact to count on the aid of somebody in the case of the distinct lady its adoptive mother. However not yet we finish our respective one analyzes how much to this subject; Because in vers.40 the Bible it says in them that Jesus is full of wisdom and in vers.52 instead of being full it was growing? It observes that a versicle is separated of the other in an estimative period of 12 years. When we are informed in vers.40 of the abrangncia of its wisdom this corresponds the occasion where ours Sir was presented in the temple after the 33 days of its circunsio with such circumstantial eventuality having corresponded the condition where it had been born endowed with an intellectuality and highly superior intelligence, beyond the common one, meeting perceivably incased in the respective dimensions of the sphere human being, with vers.52 in sending in the time to the one the situation of when already he met with its 12 years where therefore from there for front the Son of God he would need much more what before dedicated growing in wisdom corresponding itself it the advice and teachings of its tutorial similar spiritual of that thus I could myself in the future be prepared to fulfill with its messianic mission stops with the humanity. It sees that in vers.40 the favour of God this under. it and in vers.52 it grew in favour, what it means to have been born full and during transcorrer of its developed matureness, ahead of the advice and teachings Mrs.

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