StupkaWorld ECommerce Consultant Of The Year

“StupkWorld eCommerce consultant of the year 2010 elected the management of the Web shopping portal StupkWorld gives his best independent employees this year awarded eCommerce consultant of the year”. This year, that was an unexpected surprise. The award StupkWorld eCommerce consultant 2010 “went to the most recent employees of the company Mr Mario Reinwarth (18). “At StupkWorld, which is a tradition that always at the end of the year each independent distributor of StupkWorld a distributor from its organization to the StupkWorld e-commerce consultant of the year” may nominate. A very special distinction which exists only at StupkWorld. No person is awarded by the Executive Board, but which will be chosen by the distributors themselves for the service commitment and good cooperation,. The founder and owner of StupkWorld, Sergiy Stupka the choice: It is a very special pleasure of such young people, such as Mario Reinwarth, to congratulate.

We are pleased very, that young people, like Mario, entrepreneurial thinking about have already aged and set up a business. We are very proud that more and more young entrepreneurs opt for StupkWorld. This confirms the correct alignment and the functioning of our company. Mario Reinwarth is very open and communicative. He is reliable and very motivated. He learns quickly and constructively translates his skills. Mario is less than a year with us and even manages to win him the hearts and the recognition of his peers.

An absolutely exemplary setting and functioning. We wish you continued success and more awards in his career! Mario Reinwarth” StupkWorld is a Web shopping portal with many branded shops and a branch network on the Internet. The company offers dedicated people who are willing to work independently and some time to invest in their own future, good earning opportunities. For more information and videos on our homepage

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