Spanish Fords

At the time of writing, it is safe to argue that not only Ford but all brands represented in Russia have chosen similar strategies. You can select , driving prices down in spite of everything, but began the devaluation of the ruble, they were the first to set the dollar prices of Auto Central Bank exchange rate. After weighing all the pros and cons, we decided to buy a Ford in January, in the early days of the opening of saloons. In advance, it was decided what equipment is needed, the color, more options. Here and showed two major differences hatchbacks and Spanish: 1) Spanish Fords only supplied with 2 complete sets (in Russia added another 2 – Ambient and Comfort, a more budget option) 2) In similar trim levels, the Spanish car turned out to be more “pleasant bonuses “(default alloy wheels, better detail in the cabin, etc.) So, if acquiring Russian Focus – 5 door, 1.6 liter, completing comfort, with additional options: winter package, floor mats, foglights, radio, abs and central lock, the estimated price of 480,000 rubles. Most likely, it will be black, white or dark blue. It is noteworthy that the Spanish Ford, a complete set, for example, Ghia, which includes everything listed above would cost in the region 515,000 rubles.

At the elementary calculations and consultation in the salon, you can easily find themselves under the Spanish quality car, a good set. If you need a Ford, at a lower price, it is fully fit Russian car at an affordable price, in January, price 5-door Ford with a 1.6 liter. engine, good integration, with discount of 20 thousand, in saloons started from 430 000 rubles. My choice got to focus from because of the color and desired options. If the purchase was carried out before the new year, it most likely would be the “Hispanic” at affordable prices and in the right color. Only have to envy the lucky ones who picked up the desired color and combined with a good discount before the new year.

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