Shinto Kanamara Matsuri Festival

The penis and its importance in the course of time the penis, a feat the penis and its importance in the course of time different representations of the penis are practically in all cultures, religions and every century reflected. The meanings are just as different as their representations. Since time immemorial, the penis in the art and reading is attention. There are many examples to lead: stone age rock drawings showing penises have been found in already, but also important cultures such as the Greeks and Romans devoted themselves to the male sexual organ in different ways. Hardly a divine or Royal representation renounced the penis. The penis-penis Festival multiple mention, even in religions and civilizations in all of its forms.

To this day, many ancient tribes and religions practice various rituals around the penis. Even in the modern Kawasaki in Japan the Shinto Kanamara Matsuri Festival, the Festival of the steel phallus, held still today annually. The penis and its significance of the penis is for different Things like including the beauty, power and strength, fertility, wealth, pleasure and sin. But while the old Greeks, Aristophanes describes the glory and beauty of the man with the attributes of a muscular chest and strong legs, and a fertile but preferably small penis, a rather large penis is considered particularly characteristic of beauty and especially masculinity and strength. We may have this thanks to priapus and the Romans. In Greek mythology, priapus was a son of Dionysus and Aphrodite, represented in his narratives always with an oversized big penis the Romans this mythical figure acknowledged a great importance: priapus and his large penis should disaster avert, why were many Roman women jewelry with his penis images.

The penis today today is the penis a symbol of masculinity, strength and power. A big penis is untroubled as particularly fertile and as a symbol of male lust. In psychoanalysis, however, is the penis for male as a symbol of ultimate power, or as a sign of a lack of female. Many men want a bigger penis because of this idea. Even if your penis is actually already corresponds to the average size. Penis average data of average penis size vary and are between 11 to 17 cm depending on the country and study. A frequently confirmed mean lies however at about 14.5 centimetres. Blowup of the penis is the desire for a blowup of the penis thereby not a rarity it is new: for centuries, for example, African tribes and tribes in the Amazon region apply weights to extend parts of the body such as neck, lips, ears, and the penis. Nowadays putting medical penis Expander, which is due to the tension and the body’s formation of new cells to penis enlargement.

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