Wood, being one of the oldest materials, always attracted special attention. Today from it produce a magnificent parquet. This floor, which is distinguished nobility of style. With it creates mirror surface, a broad palette of colors makes it possible to pick up just such a shade that will fit perfectly with the overall interior of the house. Because the materials of wood have a minimum emissivity, people prefer to lay the flooring is one of them. Parquet not only beautifies the room, he does not freeze in winter and does not create thermal discomfort.

This allows you to walk on it without fear of catching cold. This is particularly value at a time when kids still quite small, because half the time they are actually on the floor and trace them very difficult. The beauty of the natural color and structure of the wood are not comparable with any synthetic material. Today, in order to give artistic parquet more attractive, special methods, such as: tint, podkurivanie products, graphite, and etc. This contributes to creation of space, a multidimensional effect. Manufacturers of these products, wanting to maximize and diversify to provide customers more choices, use different technologies. Currently, you can say with certainty that they are good at.

In the old days, craftsmanship art parquet passed down from generation to generation. It is hard to imagine that people who have no special equipment to create a true masterpiece. At the flooring display whole picture. It manifested the talent and creativity of masters. Sometimes, visiting museums and buildings of architectural value, one is struck by the fact how well and beautifully executed palace parquet. Surprised by the fact that he kept in almost unchanged form, although the last century. With good care the tree retains its operational and aesthetic properties of a very long time. Extra protection gives it the varnish, which is covered with natural flooring. History of design art is inextricably linked to the palace parquet. In During the reign of kings, flooring indulged in no less value than, for example, walls and ceilings. It was part of a composite design, and plays a not unimportant role. At that time, luxury was necessity, she expressed the greatness of the ruler and gives him unattainable.

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