Astronomers Discover The Fountain Of Cosmic Dust

But now, York (York) and a group of employees watching the system, which is a binary star, hd 44179, which can be a source of dust. This discovery has wide-ranging implications, because the dust is critical objects in scientific theories related to the formation of stars. Binary star system is located within what astronomers call a red square nebula, which is filled with gas and dust and is approximately at a distance of 2.300 light-years from Earth. One of the double star is a post – a branch of the asymptotic giant star (post-AGB), the type of star that astronomers see as a possible source of dust. These stars, in contrast to the Sun, have already burned all the hydrogen in their cores and switched to the stage of compression, burning more fuel, and helium. During the transitional period between the processes of combustion of hydrogen and helium, which last tens of thousands years, these stars lose their outer layer of the atmosphere. Dust may be formed in this cooling layer, which due to radiation pressure coming from inside the star, the dust is thrown together with a decent portion of the gas. In Binary Star Systems disk of material post-AGB stars can form around the second star, which is smaller and developed more slowly. 'Rims, which are formed in astronomy, often form jets, which blow the material out of the original system, dispersing the material in outer space '- said New York (York). "If a cloud of gas and dust begin to contract under its own gravity, it is instantly a red and will evaporate, "said York (York).

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