Old Crimea

On mountain forest roads, you can trap unpleasant surprises: fallen trees, deep mud under the foliage, dug holes in the road, it is unclear where did the barrier, in the place where it should not be. If you have never traveled to the Crimea, you know, Crimea – is not only the place where the sunny, warm sea and beautiful mountains. Sometimes the Crimean weather and terrain played with the tourists is very bad joke, which in many cases end up sad. In the mountains of the Crimea, for various reasons throughout the year People are dying, sometimes prepared. The reason for this to become primarily a frivolous attitude to the situation, re-evaluation of their capacity, in bad weather, or disorientation in the locality. Weather mountain Crimea can change very quickly. Warm summer rain, can quickly turn into hail, accompanied by hail and wind, a sharp drop in temperature. For this case, even in the summer and spring months you should be in reserve warm clothing and rain, which will help you to feel comfortable in any weather.

Mountain roads in the Crimea are very different quality of coverage, and logic, some of them are not suitable for mountain biking. In this article I will attempt to clarify the situation with mountain biking in Crimea. Inner ridge of Crimean mountains. Inner ridge of Crimean mountains, on which the majority of cave towns and ancient sites culture extends from Sebastopol (west) to Old Crimea (east), and is composed of limestone rocks, and the height of the vertices of the inner ridge does not exceed 600 meters.

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