New York

Visitors and New Yorkers may provide this part of the city due to the numerous restaurants, the quality at an acceptable price. Seat 7: Broadway shows is a visit to New York rounded off with a show on Broadway. Even if the weather out there not just for walking in the freihen nature invites you to visit one of the many events in a Broadway theater, can the evening significantly revalue. Danny Meyer: the source for more info. Great musicals are often weeks in advance already sold out, it is so, to research already in advance and secure cards. In addition to the Broadway shows there are still off Broadway shows, which take place in smaller theaters, up to the off off Broadway shows in the smallest event rooms.

While the biggest musicals with proud prices there are also cheap and even free events. Seat 6: Brooklyn Bridge Brooklyn Bridge, designed by the J. Augustus Roebling originating in Muhlhausen in Thuringia, is also known as longing bridge, a bridge that symbolizes their way into a better life. The construction of the bridge began in 1869, a few weeks later Mr Roebling died unfortunately tetanus disease, after he located his foot in surveying had jammed. His son took over the project, could not actively continue however even three years later for health reasons it. His wife then took the lead and finally realized the completion of the bridge. in 1883 the building was inaugurated on the 6000 workers were employed 24,000 km wire and a capital of already $18.000.000. 5th place: Times square of the famous time square, a sea of elements causing colors, neon signs, screens, posters and other attention invites old and young to stroll, to include here are some impressions and the atmosphere of this lively place. It was the gargantuan toys’R ‘ US with its indoor Ferris wheel, the Planet Hollywood or just the views of the entire scene from the middle of the square next to the large United States flag, this place looking for worldwide peers.

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