Municipal Sport Complex

If festivales of the province of Mendoza one is, is impossible not to think about the traditional National Celebration of the Grape harvest, that it attracts visitors of the entire world. Nevertheless, the province offers a great variety of gastronomical, artistic and cultural festivales that is worth the pain to know and to enjoy. Here, some options to consider at the time of planning the vacations in Mendoza very. January is the month of celebrations par excellence in earth mendocinas. The city of Rivadavia, for example, receives the year with its already traditional Rivadavia festival sings to him to the country with more than 20 uninterrupted editions, the song competition incorporated in addition, in 2003, an attractive contest of dance. Both events are realised in the Municipal Sport Complex of the city of Rivadavia.

The infrastructure of lodging in Mendoza enjoys a deserved good prestige, and Rivadavia is not the exception: the 76 hectares beautifully parquizadas of the Complex, to the south of the city, they lodge in addition a luxurious hotel to receive the eager visitors of good music. The city of Tunuyn, on the other hand, celebrates for more than twenty years, every month of February, its traditional Festival of the Tonada, one of the main encounter folkloric at national level. Great Square artists like Hilario or Arming Tiled Go’mez they were the ones in charge to spread by all the country tonada, typical musical expression of the region of Whose. And soul and heart of this imperdible festival. Also during the month of January, the Polideportivo Complex of the city of Malarge gets dressed celebration. Main producer of chivitos at national level, Malarge finds in its first product of export the perfect excuse for a delicious celebration. Closely together of the best tracks of ski of the province, and to minutes of some of the main hotels of Mendoza, the National Festival of Chivo de Malarge is an urgent appointment for the lovers from the good table.

The city of General Alvear will not be the main exporter of chivitos of the country, but its cattle production is equally worthy to be celebrated. The reasons they jump in view, and to the palate, during May, month in which the National Festival of Cattle ranch of the Barren Zones is celebrated there. Unique in the country, they count those that know that their legendary ribcages for hundreds of companions at table are a experience difficult to forget. And once again, with the characteristic level that distinguishes to the supply of lodging in Mendoza, the city of General Alvear surprises with comfortable hotels, colorful hostels and cabins to enjoy to plenary session of the nature.

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