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Capital Intervention

If we chose option 2 and yes bad treatments exist, not only the bad treatments will not be interrupted, with the corresponding aggravation of the situation, but the student will be put under an intervention that will not adjust to … Continue reading


Maria hopes average undresses, wakes up and eager to Mario, like every morning. Mario greets without too much enthusiasm its young and tempting wife who does not manage to make forget the fatigue him that brings hung to the neck, … Continue reading

The Value Of The Goals In Our Lives

Goals in our life I want to publish extracts of a bill of sale that encontre in the Web and belongs to Mr. Jordys Gonza’les in its site Is really very revealing in the sense that hara to think to … Continue reading

Wake Object

When finally I left the quarter – trying to act but the normal thing that it could a look throws to him to tele and it asks: – one has moved? – Not. – they responded without turning around to … Continue reading

The Knowledge

We can include/understand the information like the interval between the data or observations that are easy to capture and to store and the knowledge that it requires of the people and their analysis, their capacity, its experience and his adaptability … Continue reading

Weekly Training

Whenever you complete something, it remembers to check which is the next action? It visualizes. Anyone is the result that you want to obtain, is tie with an internal experience to which you want to accede. And that internal experience … Continue reading

Nuclear Terrorism

Not only by that Ahmadinejad wants to make, but by that already they exist and they are possible to be put in a briefcase. The new book of the investigating reporter and ex- consultant of the FBI, Paul Williams: the … Continue reading

Greek Brentesion

I have attended its ceremonies, acts witnessed by notary public monks in her realised, since also I have been going to reflect, to meditate, because the simplicity of its Dumo and its atmosphere of peace enchants to me that in … Continue reading

Red Harness

With the purpose of to know the characteristics the colors, in order to obtain wished objectives, next a summary of the basic colors is detailed. Thus we will have to use the color: Red : If what we wished it … Continue reading

White Roses

The White Roses the Best Complement Decoration with white roses, the best flower to combine with flowers of alive colors like the red roses since when uniting these different roses with meaning reflect union, is used in the religious ceremonies … Continue reading