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Buenos Aires

If you live in a big city like Madrid, Bogota, Buenos Aires, New York, etc. will have seen the traveling salesmen. Hear from experts in the field like Rudy Giuliani for a more varied view. Truth? Why people concentrate themselves … Continue reading

Capital Intervention

If we chose option 2 and yes bad treatments exist, not only the bad treatments will not be interrupted, with the corresponding aggravation of the situation, but the student will be put under an intervention that will not adjust to … Continue reading

Greek Brentesion

I have attended its ceremonies, acts witnessed by notary public monks in her realised, since also I have been going to reflect, to meditate, because the simplicity of its Dumo and its atmosphere of peace enchants to me that in … Continue reading

White Roses

The White Roses the Best Complement Decoration with white roses, the best flower to combine with flowers of alive colors like the red roses since when uniting these different roses with meaning reflect union, is used in the religious ceremonies … Continue reading

Advertising Environment

The companies as hers must consider everything at the time of flattering to the clients with advertising gifts. I and my equip we know the importance that has them companies give advertising gifts, is but, we know that without them … Continue reading

Municipal Sport Complex

If festivales of the province of Mendoza one is, is impossible not to think about the traditional National Celebration of the Grape harvest, that it attracts visitors of the entire world. Nevertheless, the province offers a great variety of gastronomical, … Continue reading

The American

As he is already public and as well as it indicates the World, the Congress approved a rescue plan that will allow the Government to acquire " assets txicos" that they have destabilized the financial institutions, by an amount of … Continue reading

Basic Abilities

What makes an entrepreneur? This has been the question that for a long time and in many scopes has been posed. It is inquired on the characteristics that must have a successful entrepreneur and if it is born with those … Continue reading

Enthusiastic Leader

Being a leader it can provocative and at the same time enormously be compensated. When you are in a leadership paper, people will contemplate to him to provide the inspiration, the motivation, the direction, the stroll to only call a … Continue reading

Cuban Venezuelans

Its end is approached, by elections or rebellions. The opponents to the neoCommunists begin to be majority. The native bolivarianos and Cristina are the Gaddafi, that wants to remain in the palace until the death. Perhaps its dream is fulfilled … Continue reading