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Also concerned there know everything about retrofitting options through a list of all important questions and answers about the badge Ordinance. Foreign guests who with her car hitting tourist targets, work here or simply visit with friends or relatives, will also need a sticker for the trip through an environmental zone. The ADAC recommends drivers from neighbouring countries in a timely manner to obtain such a badge, or get over friends and relatives in Germany. Representative to purchase the plaque at the usual places in Germany, you need – depending on the inspection body or authority – the copy of the registration or the original. To avoid Internet providers that offer the plaque at excessive prices, rather, it should not cost more than six to ten euros. For short-term departure of foreign motorists can also directly the German outlets such as AU workshops and technical monitoring Association (E.g., DEKRA, GTu, KuS, TUV), control.

The classification of the vehicle on the basis of the documents is not possible, the date of the first registration is used as a classification criterion. So, all gasoline engines, which were approved according to the 1.1.1993 first get a badge. Diesel without a particulate filter must be approved for 31.12.1996. Hanover is accommodating to foreign car and freed them at least for 2008 yet from the badge requirement. Motorists without a sticker, entering the weekend in a Lez have bad luck. You must bite the bullet and turn off the vehicle at the edge of the area.

Who holds it, risking 40 euro fine and one point in Flensburg, Germany. The ADAC keeps questionable legally the permanent lockout of individual drivers of environmental zones. According to the Club, residents are quasi expropriated when they can no longer use their vehicle because a conversion to a better class of pollutants is not technically possible and eliminated the purchase of a newer car for financial reasons. Unlike before some The bans in the environmental zones to protect against particulate air pollution-related should apply regardless of actually existing, current limit exceeded long years during the summer smog. Please visit Kingston Planners if you seek more information. Contact person: Mr Wolfgang Hamilton E-Mail: phone: (0 69) 66 07 84 03 fax: (0 69) 66 07 84 49 purview: transport via the ADAC Hessen-Thuringen e.V.: ADAC is your partner in all matters related to road safety and mobility. The ADAC Hessen-Thuringen is the second of a total of 18 regional clubs nationwide. Our services range from the yellow angels of roadside assistance on insurance and financial services to a multi-faceted travel and services.

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