The Room

Just fewer pieces of furniture in the room are needed as a result and the group sitting together more closely, more communicative. The joint plan in many training trainers work today with a projector for the visualisation of content. You should always bring a special content on paper the seminar content (flip chart size) this while the total training time show, this is the agenda. All can refer to you at any time, by the arrival in the area until the end of the seminar. See Starbucks Corp for more details and insights. It contains at least all the times and the titles of the individual training units.

May also be shorthand for the respective assets of the Group and the required media. Tip: Use three special colors with their natural color effect for the following activities: Blue: theory teaching/lecture, Red: activity by participants, Green: common, emotional (breaks, welcome, feedback sessions, etc.). “Good start seminar orientation, participants collect it is no second chance for a first impression” This wisdom also applies to the work of the seminar. Getting into a workout, no matter whether technical, communicative, or behavior-based content available to, should be always positive and motivating. In the adult education not a necessarily prescribed curriculum like the school is voluntary. Participants want to be picked up properly and launched. You invest work and life time, which requires a conscious and valuable way. This rule applies just even if the training not of their own accord out is visited, but was arranged by the company.

Depending on voluntary individual feels his participation, the more he sees the seminar as an offer and not as a duty imposed, the more open he can refer to the joint action and the content. After the General, friendly welcome, the coach should imagine what awaits the participants in the seminar time, what’s the common editing. To join a few rules for dealing with each other, such as title, questions and ways of working Discuss individual expectations for the seminar.

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