Junior Companies

If you are a college student, and want to build your own business, don’t hesitate to become a junior entrepreneur. Junior companies are partnerships formed by college students that motivated by their enthusiasm and motivation progress personally and professionally, since they apply to practice all the knowledge acquired during his years of learning. The great advantage that supposed to be an entrepreneur, is priceless. An entrepreneur always seeks new challenges, optimizing their resources, assumes risks, etc. all this to get to overcome that goal that has been proposed by his own initiative. An enterprising person, may also be one that you want to create a company. Enterprising people who pass by a junior company acquire a number of advantages: – move forward to their future careers by putting their knowledge into practice – embark on a world where can I get contacts, carry out collaborations, singergias, etc.

– entrepreneurs junior carry with them, innovation, learning, working, teamwork, entrepreneurship, leadership, etc. However the movement of Junior companies, is not a new movement, since he was born in 1967 in France, and did not our country until 1986. Currently, Spain has more than 30 associations of this type spread throughout the Spanish geography.The movement reaches Europe where there are more than 280 junior companies in 15 countries. The junior entrepreneurs also promoting the entrepreneurial spirit, found in a framework of professionalism and quality, both human and technical, where they all share the same objective: undertake.

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