Defining The Master

In recent years we have received emails that invite us to perform one of many that national and foreign universities available to us via online. Even coming to drive the promotion d get a double degree. This suggests the utility offered by the masters, like the fact that obtaining the degree opens up employment in an increasingly competitive world, or as the increase in developing the skills and knowledge both disciplinary and interdisciplinary each one of the university the degree of perfection in our workforce. The master, as a full graduate program, offers many advantages over the single two-year temporary investment, and the consequent payment of tuition in the case of universities' pay. In some countries the term changed to the master's or master's master, though the term masters has caused confusion because it has been used to refer to the cycles of extracurricular type training offered by some universities in order to certify a student in any field of knowledge. The difference in the term used for graduate study, relies heavily on the country where it is carried out. Thus, it is known as Master in the countries of Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador and great stop Latin American countries, the term master is used only in the countries of Mexico and Puerto Rico; the word master, was first used in English speaking countries, and has been adopted in the countries of Guatemala, Spain and Paraguay.

Depending on the field of study, different types of masters degrees, classified by the following abbreviations: MSP MC Master of Public Health (M.Sc.) Master of Science IM (M. Eng.) Master of Engineering Master of Arts MA. LL.M. M.Sc. M.Ed. law Master of Education or Teaching MAE (MBA) Master of Business Administration. The fact of having as many terms for this study has led graduate speaking countries understand that some MBA stands with the definition gives the term Master. Thus, we have provided here a broad overview of the implications of different definitions for graduate studies.

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