Janis Nikos – Passion

Janis Nikos – new album almost two years more intense passion and passionate work into passion”, the new album by Janis Nikos, which was written and produced for the most part by himself. In these two years were so many new songs, some of them in collaboration with his success author Tobias Reitz. The production was really a piece of hard work with a lot of creativity, but that does not mean that it would have made him not even a lot of fun. “Striking this new album passion” is the musical diversity of the title, which shows that has be Janis Nikos rightly a lot of time left with his new album and is evolving. He attached particular importance to handmade”music, that is, musicians have been invited to the productions in the Studio and it was largely dispensed with electronic means. This mode of production requires a lot of dedication and craftsmanship at all involved.

“Two titles were released in the last few months already very successfully: Melina”, a typical pop song that can reveal the Greek roots of Janis Nikos and ice in my heart,”which only recently conquered the charts. “It is interesting also his version of a ship is coming”, which can be called in Greece almost secret anthem. The German translation has however “little to do with the original Ta pedia TOU Pirea. After this, every father wants four sons, once the pride of Piraus will be and work in a port which can be compared with anyone in this world. For this title Janis Nikos consciously decided, as he also like to be elements of Greek music in his songs be. On the album, and with j”is passion” doing a good-humor title which perfectly fits into the upcoming Carnival season. Janis Nikos shows with the album”passion, that there still is room for well-made German Schlager music on the music market in spite of the wide range of international.

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