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Bernd it was then, more in the limelight encouraged to enter the Carin. “in 1996 he took the title with her ‘ when I touch you” on. A great Success with over 20 TV shows turned up. In March 1997, the second Duet “So” followed as I am. In December 1997, it was finally ready: “I love you”, the first solo single by Carin Posch was at the same time with the first own recording contract on the label GLOBAL / BMG released. In July 1998, then “everytime I think of you” came on the market and Carin square could look forward already at the first attempt in the German hit parade on an outstanding 3..

Particularly looking forward with Bernd Cluver Carin about a new music project. The new joint title “Nobody knows that we’re in love” had premiere on September 5, 1999 in the ZDF in Dieter Thomas Stern “ZDF-show Palace”, the successful debut album “You are my love” was released In October 2000. From May 2001 until late 2003 at KOCH universal contract continued for Carin Posch. With new authors and producer team – here drew Werner students & Norbert Beyerl responsible – the hit single upside down “in luck”. With the following single “If he kisses me I think of you” was invited in 2002 by Hansi Hinterseer for his TV show to the filming on Tenerife Carin. At the beginning of 2004 the Exchange then joined the label position. The small company position with connected music publishing and recording studio is based in the Baden forest and is run by Carin’s husband Ekkehard Posch. “Thinking of you, still”, as was the first single that was released in June 2004 on this label, ran up and down the radio stations.

“In February 2005 was followed by the single”what is gescheh’n”, then in February 2006 the title what I you feel” and in “The most beautiful dream” August 2006. Actually again enough nice title to think about a new album release. Parallel was Carin Posch busy in the recording studio of her husband in forest and produced a Christmas album titled “Christmas time” end of 2006. In the spring of 2007 – in time for the 10-year anniversary as a solo artist Carin Posch presented the album “For you”. Produced by Uwe Haselsteiner for position-records.

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