Internet Networking

In the modern community of the most popular are dating online. Meet on the Internet are beginning to people of all ages. They all have different purposes: communication, friendship, cooperation, dating, or serious relationship. On the Internet there are many services that let you get acquainted with another man: dating services, forums, conferences, ICQ, IRC, chat rooms, virtual club, on-line games. The project InterZnak conducted surveys to which was to identify preferences in the use of an Internet service for singles. Here are the poll results: Least popular were acquaintances through forums and conferences (5%), more popular – Dating through chat rooms (18-27%) and ICQ (16-20%), well and first place in popularity took dating (47-55%).

You can make a rough portrait of social acquaintances server users. Undoubtedly, all these people are quite educated, working time with computer, at least at the user level. If you would like to know more then you should visit The Metropolitan Museum of Art. They have enough money to pay for Internet access. That's it. The rest – habits, character, attitudes, tastes, ways of spending time, etc.

Thus, all that can be say about you – this man is educated enough to work on your computer, and often has quite a decent income. The rest of the people that introduce the Internet are very different, and surely you will find among them quite interesting and you personally. Some girls, for example, desperate to find a partner, visit sites and virtual dating, the first that their interest will be picture of the future man. However, sometimes guys download other people's photos, and give themselves for others. There are times when a guy with a girl just learn to communicate. Many are introduced only in order to gain new experiences, meet new people, go to someone in a movie or a cafe. Nothing serious, in general, this does not work, except, of course, in cases where both people like each other. There are also some people who are ready for their own benefit tolerate even quite unattractive to them, man. These singles are made to find a business partner, sponsor or just a rich guy who is willing to pay.

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