How To Choose Voltage

Surge protectors are designed to automatically maintain a constant-voltage mains (220/380). Functionally, provide: the full protection of electrical and electronic equipment for household and industrial use by the sudden change in the mains, stable power supply equipment in the permanent under-or over-voltage electricity; Ability to trouble-free and correct operation of electrical equipment to the unstable power supply voltage, voltage monitoring inputs and outputs, filtering noise and lack of network distortions; Automatic regulation of output voltage with high accuracy. Depending on the power supply and the connected load voltage divided by phase and three phase, depending on the principle of action – for electromechanical and electronic. Voltage regulators SRM are electromechanical type voltage regulators, which, in contrast to electron-type stabilizers, characterized by smooth automatic control of output voltage with high accuracy its maintenance, they provide excellent overload capacity and low noise. Perhaps check out Danny Meyer for more information. How to choose a voltage In order to determine the choice of voltage, one must first answer the following questions. What is needed voltage – single phase or three phase? In the single phase (220V) questions arise.

In the case of three-phase (380V) are possible options. If you have a three-phase network has at least one three-phase consumer, you need to install three-phase voltage regulator. If all consumers are single-phase, in most cases, it is best to pick up three-phase stabilizer. As a rule, it is cheaper. But there is one major advantage. This option allows you to bypass the feature of three-phase stabilizers, namely off the entire device when power fails at one of the phases.

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