Happy New Year

Never used a sunless tanning? Do not worry? That is a no brainer. These products are available at your local pharmacy, department store and / or your local beauty consultant. They come in many forms including oil spray, foam, foam, lotion, gel and creams. Always test a small area first, in his inner arm, for example. If you are satisfied with the results, then continue applying the rest of your body. (You’re probably thinking of the time he turned his entire body orange.) Fortunately, today’s formulas are an improvement of the products of the past. Most contain a derivative of sugar cane or sugar beets that oxidizes with the top layer of skin. This gives the skin a realistic looking tan, without altering the structure or function of the skin.

Since our body naturally sheds the top layer of dead skin cells regularly, you will see your fading so fast. You will need to reapply every two or three days, especially if you shower every day. Only updates as necessary. A word to the wise, do not use your sunless tanning immediately after shaving. Shaved opens the pores and the product is find its way into the open pores, giving it a polka dot appearance. Also, sunless tanners do not provide protection against the sun. Do not rely on that which is darker, the better protected you are! Sunless Tanning ZERO protection from the sun. They are strictly cosmetic.

How to apply: The easiest way for a beginner, would use a cream or gel. Foams, oils or lotions are sometimes difficult to control. Foam mousse dries rapidly, therefore, can leave streaks, if not even out fast enough. First step: exfoliation to remove dead skin cells from the surface. Since the product contains only the top layer of skin, you’ll want to gently exfoliate the rough areas around the knees and elbows. A then moisturize those areas. Step two: Spread a large towel or drop cloth to protect the floor and / or furniture. Step Three: Pin up your hair. Use surgical gloves to protect your hands. Palms (Do not you want dark? What is a clearing.) Step Four: Based on your feet. Apply with long, even strokes, up and down first, then through a uniform distribution. You may need help with hard to reach areas. NOTE: Before applying sunless tanning lotion on the face, make sure it is formulated for use on the face. Want to avoid clogging the pores. Step Five: Complete the application to the backs of their hands. Since your hands are generally washed and dried more frequently than the rest of your body, touch up where necessary. Sunless Tanning requires a little practice to perfect sun kissed look. However, their shiny new tan doubt that your co-workers green with envy. It has a beautiful and Happy New Year! I am an independent consultant Care of the skin. My goal is to help my clients achieve and maintain radiant, healthy and save time and money

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