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Updated assessment to the Cologne real estate market the market for apartment buildings in Cologne is booming! The Cologne market for multi-family housing & residential and business buildings experienced an upward trend for several years and continues to be a very attractive location for investors. The market is characterised by its high stability. The demand for multi-family housing & residential and business buildings is still larger than the offer. Cologne is a very attractive location for investors. Our sales at top prices confirm the trend and our houses offered for sale are sold almost only still discreetly and directly to registered customers. The current market situation is more than attractive to owners who are planning a sale of their real estate. The high demand allowing for profitable sales opportunities.

Investment real estate prices have spiked 2011 preliminary and remain on a barely altered, stable level in the medium term. Foreign Investors play an important role, but also foreign investors, who have sufficient capital, strong interest in the Cologne market show. In addition to the current project developments in the downtown area, in the next few years numerous land will be redeveloped and new. The total scarce supply of residential real estate raises the rent levels and thus underpins the stability. Given the good price performance top prizes are often accepted, thereby also great attention to quality and value stability and potential for appreciation. Also, there is a high demand for objects in good locations which have a need for modernization and Mietsteigerung potential. Single family homes & condo apartments reach prices of lovers of in the top residential areas of Cologne! The traditionally best residential areas are on the left side of the Rhine in the Cologne West & South. These include Braunsfeld, Mungersdorf, Junkersdorf, Klettenberg, Lindenthal in particular Sulz, Marienburg, Bayenthal, Rodenkirchen, Hahn Woods and Riehl.

Here are for objects high purchase prices achieved. For particular objects, fans prizes will be paid. The prices for objects in the Cologne West & South move after research by cloud Castle real estate mostly in a range between 450.000,–and 800.000,–. Preferred roads as well as in top locations prices are achieved to 1.000.000,–, in some cases even much more than 1.200.000,–. Just families continue to focus their search on the Cologne West & South with children or intending to become pregnant. Renovation-needy town houses also meet a huge demand on the Cologne market. You have the advantage that the buyer can realize your individual wishes.A large demand for condos with fine facilities. Homeowners who are want to shrink and a maintenance of the entire plot time or for reasons of age no longer cope, represent the largest group of prospective customers in this segment. The attic floor with elevator, in a quiet location and is in particular demand 3-4 rooms. A huge demand still exists for high-quality new condos with exclusive facilities. The key features include E.g. the existence of an elevator, spacious layout, fireplaces, exposed bathrooms and large balconies with good tanning at these apartments. Summary cloud castle estate on the Cologne residential real estate market determines that the realistic offers (price/performance) marketing times shorten again and again very shortly that decide the prospects with relevant offers. More information: cloud Castle real estate contact: Marko Ciesla Lindenburger Allee 5 50931 Koln-Lindenthal Internet:

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