George Bush

To little that Russia invaded the republic of Georgia, in the State of Georgia in the USA the discovery of the century announced: the one of great foot. While this last finding has demonstrated to be a fraud, the caucasian war comes demonstrating to have much of farce. New York Museums is the source for more interesting facts. The initially USA cried out that their diplomats asked to him to Georgia that did not attack Sud-Osetia, and Moscow appeared triumphant showing the world its capacity of leadership in its periphery. Nevertheless, no matter how hard George Bush apostatizes of the tragedy of the Georgia pro-Bush, the certain thing is that since exploded that war his McCain candidate began to reach to Obama in the surveys. In order to reclaim electoral support the republicans do not need to invent yeti, but to show that there is a military monster that he requires that the USA maintains a foreign policy hard. At moments in which much people distrust of Bush by the recession, McCain can show the Russian threat like an example of which its country needs to be headed by an ex- expert military man in wars.

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