Emotional Judo Emotion

To feel an emotion that we dislike, such as fear or anger, we want to control it to make it disappear. But so is only intensified. The road is to help it mature. Norberto Levy control is one of the strategies we use to deal with the emotions with which we feel uncomfortable, such as anger, fear, helplessness, frustration, insecurity, among others. When we control we seek to stifle the voice of our emotions. There are many ways of controlling emotions.

We can rationalize them, punish them, deny them or simply treat of disconnect them, in the event they are too threatening to us. But the result of this effort disciplined by controlling emotions, emotional insanidad, the loss of contact with the self, the study, the disintegration of the soul. Deny or suppress unwanted emotions such as fear, sadness or rage, will not disappear, more discipline and control that we use. They will continue to be present in our lives, but expressing themselves in other ways, such as body stiffness, insomnia, addictions, compulsivity in some of our actions, lack of spontaneity, uncontrolled eruption of traits and controlled feelings, functional degradation of the vital sequence of our communication (perception feeling expression). To know more about this subject visit Rudy Giuliani. The emotion is energy that generates our organism and which by its nature seeks to express themselves.

Now power, by physical principle, is not destroyed, but it is transformed. So happens with emotion when we reprimimos it to avoiding it is expressed through the crying, the words, laughter, etc.., is transformed in diseases such as gastritis, digestive problems, cardiovascular problems, cancer, among other illnesses, or psychological insanidad, as guilt, depression, anxiety, etc. The key to achieving mastery in the handling and expression of emotions is not to deny them or control them, but let them flow, which does not want to say that if, for example, these angry (a) with your spouse, you give rein to your anger and hurt him, or traspases your limits and rights, but rather let your emotion tell you what is happening with youthen decide how take care of safe and productive fashion.

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