Easter Decoration

Want to get advice on how to decorate a house in the eve? Dame advice. Make a composition of eggs and floral elements. This composition can be done with children. Out of it, it's easy! A child and you will enjoy co-creation. Because the crown is composed of 6 eggs, their coloring and blowing can take the whole family. Vsochetanii branches with this wreath ornament will be terrific for any room. Materials and Tools 6 raw eggs.

Gouache paint mixed with PVA glue, or tempera. thin brush PVA glue wire length 70cm (diameter 1mm) 8 beads (beads can be replaced with decorative buttons or small multi-colored yarn Hanks) 2 cm in diameter four beads of 3.5 cm a few decorative twigs (eg ruskus, twigs willow, ornamental branches of synthetic material) for securing wire ribbon 1 cm (width arbitrary) pliers matches first thread on the lower end of the egg dull broach, pin holes prokalavaya close to each other. The hole should be large enough so that it could pass freely dervyannaya toothpick or wooden skewer for shish kebab. After this done a same hole on the opposite side, ie on the sharp end of the egg. Now, insert a skewer for shish kebab from the bottom and turn it several times, so as to destroy the thin skin stretched around the yolk. Then you can easily blow out the egg through the top opening.

We work here as well, as if we inflated a balloon. Protein and egg yolk can be collected in a bowl. At the end of the operation must clean, empty egg inside. For this warm, soapy water several times passed through the hole in the egg. Then the egg to dry completely, putting it down a hole in a kitchen towel. You can begin to paint it. Let's give blowing eggs and cover them with varnish, which is made from PVA glue, diluted with water. After drying the glue will become transparent. Set aside one of the colored eggs. It will require us to process later middle wreath. The remaining eggs and beads string on the wire, so that is always between the two eggs was 2-3 beads. At the end of the wire at the ends of the left and right bead on nanizhite yet. Now gently begin to bend wires so that turned round. Seize the ends of the wire with pliers and twist them (see figure) Prodernem thread at this point to later use it to hang a wreath on the wall or hang from the ceiling. Now close the ends of the wire branches. Strengthen their position in the wire junction on the wreath. Tie a bow and strengthen it on the wreath with wire. Suspension pending an egg on a wire in the center of the wreath. Useful tips If we endure wreath into each other greenish-brown and blue tones, it will look particularly natural. To read more click here: Rudy Giuliani. Continuation of the master-class in the records 'Literacy campaign homemade' PUSH here

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