the decision to join the Seine to the die design course In reaching this decision I took into account factors sierto: 1. Read additional details here: Bill de Blasio. The main objective that prompted me to take d cison die design study was to direct my training process in the area of mechanical technologies to either branch of design, to deepen knowledge and focus on innovation of new technologies . 2. Find the opportunity to study on one of the branches of mechanics and onto the design area. 3.Identificar education institution in this case the SENA.Which gives me the opportunity to choose on one of the areas of design based on the need for innovation that I think is totally invalid, because according to what has been working for the induction process, limits are set by design company within a prametros unchanged, giving little space to own and becoming something done in life that exist only in the machining processes for replacement of defective parts and to continue production. 4. Although I have certain knowledge in the area of industrial mechanical, human resources and technological ofrese SENA me, I could remove my shortcomings and areas of further sortware macanizado and design that would allow me to fully develop my future projects and productive working life.But the facts more than anything else at this point what makes me think of the possibility of considering other new lines such as designing the machine automation processes, it is in the criterion on which I really wanted to focus. 5. Whatever you say or assert my family, friends and even what we think about the entity in this case the SENA. I think I should focus a little more about what you really want to work. In any case I appreciate the opportunity that the Sena has given me for this design project.

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