Clients Reward Screen Advertising In Beverage Stores

Modern in-store advertising allows warenvertriebs GmbH according to the findings of the REWE for targeted sales control Cologne, 11 20th, 2008 modern in-store advertising enables according to findings of the REWE for warenvertriebs GmbH targeted sales control: in the 21 drink stores with digital signage installations which for her partner customers 12.5 percent more money for the items advertised via flat-screen monitor spend, as for the same article in markets with conventional advertising. This unique result determined the Visual Merchandising initiative (VMI), which accompanied the long-term digital signage test from the start and was involved in its development. The research results presented today are absolutely authentic, because they are based not only on broad-based customer surveys, but also secured comparisons. The 21 drink trade markets (GFM) with the digital signage installations is the same number of comparator markets\”with matching range selection and as much as possible identical conditions in terms of location and customer structure opposite. Only it is here in a conventional way. For a total of 42 markets a supplier-related choice of 31 articles, the (depending on the type of market screen or conventional) were heavily advertised within the same time periods. Screen advertising all used same content involved markets.

From July until September 2008, each on Friday and Saturday, a total of 725 customers were interviewed in these 42 markets. The GFM high rate of female customers by 27 percent suggests the high quality of service for her partner markets of. The two age groups of 35 to 45 and 46 to 55 years to 60 percent of all customers. The small percentage of the youngest age group (15-25 years, 9.9 per cent) is an indication that in these markets the cheapest price does not play the decisive role. Customer loyalty in the studied markets is very high: 58.4 percent buy an and 21.6 percent at least once a week at least twice a month.

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