Blu-ray DiscsTM Place As A Medium For Video Archiving By

Rimage presents efficient solutions to the long term preservation of digital video recordings on the IBC Frankfurt / Amsterdam, September 09, 2010 three trends characterize the AV industry: reduced costs of optical storage media, growing data volumes through HD and 3D, as well as longer archive guarantees on Blu-ray discs. It is these factors that drive the success of Blu-ray discs as an alternative to hard drives and expensive memory cards. To meet the growing demand for efficient and user-friendly archiving systems, the Rimage Europe GmbH on the IBC (International Broadcasting Convention) in Amsterdam from September 10 to 14 presented current solutions for data archiving and post-production NLE to Blu-ray discs. The rates for optical storage media have fallen dramatically in recent years. Especially in the field of Blu-ray discs are like the cost per terabyte storage volume from 800 euros to around 100. The growth in private households will reduce even further the price”, says Jurgen Sattelmayer, vertical business manager EMEA at Rimage. Also, the weaknesses of storage media such as hard drives video professionals are becoming more aware.

Here have discs with up to 50 years of reliable archive guarantee ground made good Blu-ray and become an attractive alternative. Now it comes to offer solutions, which simply and comfortably make the backup and retrieval of data on Blu-ray. Especially for the growing number of free camera teams that quickly and cost-effectively need to secure video recordings, discs are very attractive. Blu-ray” At the stand 7.G15a at the Amsterdam RAI Exhibition and Convention Centre shows Rimage support como computer & motion GmbH newly developed media archive workflow solutions. This can video files from P2, SxS, RED and SDHC cards including descriptive metadata and proxy preview clips automatically on Blu-ray discs be backed up to the archiving and NLE postproduction.

The ProxSys media archive solution como computer & motion GmbH, which will be combined with a Blu-ray burner system Rimage is used. The combination of hardware and Software is aimed mainly at users of SxS, P2, Sony Professional disc, focus FS DTE and other storage devices, which must be quickly read out and secured. Also the solution distinguishes itself this way, that the saved files provided with individual metadata, and thus later promptly be found in content management systems. To further facilitate the search, a Flash is generated when you save the data on Blu-ray Preview file, stored parallel to the metadata. Users search for content so via Web browser over a network and access to a preview version. The found content can be as high resolution original file from a Blu-ray disc read and edited.

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