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We have found that there is a huge need for advice on decision level. No slogans and long lists of product features help here. First and foremost involves benefits and risks, not to short-term marketing models these companies long-term goals and the representation of concrete”, Ehlis says. Therefore we are a stand-alone spin-off set up soon, that which employs new forms of communication exclusively focusing on the content and results of our work in the form of continuous transfer of Know-How that our customers make available. Finally, there is also in the area of community and user management to comply with many pitfalls and sensitivities. Here we have clearly the nose through our eight-year experience with the top American Mac community forward.” Interested companies can visit SpyMac network on the online marketing Dusseldorf on 16 and 17 September. The stand D52 is located in Hall 10.

More information, as well as the current product portfolio are retrievable under. The complete list can be downloaded as a PDF file under media/socialsoftwaresuite.pdf. About SpyMac network SpyMac network, Web has so far created over 20 2.0 platforms and intranet solutions for businesses, non-profits and associations. At the time, several Enterprise 2.0 platforms are developed with white-label licenses in the United States and Germany. SpyMac network is currently the only provider in the German-speaking world, the a such comprehensive overall solution as social software-as-a-service license offers. At The Metropolitan Museum of Art you will find additional information. SpyMac network with its high-performance content delivery network without significant competition is particularly with regard to the reliable delivery of large data streams for many simultaneous accesses.

The developed over years, mature Technology is based on the experience of now eight years hardcore development under the requirements of ever-growing multimedia communities in the United States and Germany. Content delivery network the proprietary content delivery network has an external connection of 2 GB Fibre Channel, load balancers, and over 100 terabytes of data storage. As SpyMac network is independent from major providers such as Akamai, limelight & co. data transfer bottlenecks are almost excluded. Highest safety standards, 24/7 live monitoring and support are as well of course as the constant extension and maintenance of the system. Social software as a service, SpyMac network offers their products within the SocialSoftwareSuite in the frame of a license model (SaS). Under”software as a service”refers to acquiring a license to use a software and related services, such as development, support, hosting, monitoring, etc.. This model is useful especially in cases where high pace of development and a variety of external Apply large amounts of data, interfaces and routines. SpyMac coined the term SaS for their core audience redefined to SSaS, social-software-as-a-service.

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