Dimensions 'sawdust' define small or large surface structure. Paper-based wallpaper paste over can not only walls of the room, but the ceiling, and then the feeling of a homogeneous seamless surface. Pasted wallpaper quickly and easily. A particular figure they do not, so the land can not customized. It looks like this. Apply the adhesive. Impose a sheet of wallpaper. Presses roll.

Cut the edge with a spatula and a knife. Subsequent sheets butt paste. Places overlay is cut with a sharp knife. Lay on paint roller. Non-woven wallpaper before painting. Fleece – a panel made of compressed fiber segments, very dense in structure. Those who can sew, you know that, for example, to make some detail jacket to wrong side of bonded interlining. So, this is the interlining is used in the manufacture of wallpaper.

At him through a stencil with a pattern sprayed in the form of various reliefs foamed vinyl. Wrong side of the wallpaper in this case remains smooth. If you buy wallpaper for painting non-woven base, get something wonderful in all respects. They have excellent masking properties: smooth out bumps and without trace conceal cracks in the walls. Gluing them even easier than paper. They do not stretch and does not 'sit down', not . Moreover, the adhesive plaster is not cloth, but the wall that allows you to adjust the band together with exceptional accuracy. Therefore, the glue will need fewer, and work will be fun. Non-woven framework aligns and strengthens the texture of the surface.

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