The Sale

In the egg strategy, the electronically traded S & P E-mini are instead traded 500 futures options. Since the options are based on the mini contract your contract value is lower than at large S & P 500 contracts. This allows for a low minimum account size of $ 15,000. Details can be found by clicking NY Starbucks or emailing the administrator. With the spekulativeren egg strategy is a significant yield target of 25%-30% p.a. aspired. Is the focus is exclusively on the S & P 500? Titus C. locks? It the options of the standard & poor’s 500 traded basically index futures.

The universe will be extended only in exceptional cases. By whatever means, chart-technical or fundamental, approaches BNC to the markets? What factors are especially important to the company? Titus C. locks? Both technical and fundamental factors are incorporated in the decision. A key criterion in the investment decision is the current level and the expected development of the volatility. The current volatility is expressed for example by the VIX. How is the investment process of BNC EGG and BI from? Titus C. For more information see this site: NYC. locks? Ultimately tried Bluenose in its strategies to predict the development of the S & P, but analyzes where the market will go all probability and positioned accordingly.

In particular situations where the behavior of market participants is very emotionally driven will be researched. How do you used such situations? Titus C. locks? Bluenose is invested in the market and patiently waiting for profitable situation where fear and greed, emotional market situations arise. These are market phases in which the volatility and thus the option premiums are high. Until then, Bluenose sold options with the expectation that they will expire worthless. Because the premium that they have taken on the sale of the option, then the profit. How, and how well does the risk management. How to protect the investor from bigger losses? Titus C. locks? In situations in which runs the market against the positioning, the options are too early with a slight negative bought back to avoid extreme losses.

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