Technological Research

As research of this company, is coherent opinion between the industrial leaders and the financial community that the environment will be the main world-wide concern in a not bigger stated period that 15 or 20 years While in the South and Southeast of the country already a great concern exists to repair the errors of the past, in the Amap, although the innumerable examples of tragedies that come occurring, the public power comes leaving a significant gap in what the ambient degradation says respect, as example has the areas of undertows (humid areas). A recent study of the IEPA (Institute of Scientific and Technological Research of the State of the Amap), it evidenced that 60% of the undertows of Macap are the practically convict, losing its purposes that are: corridors for the circulation of air and escoadores of waters of rain, also serving as criadouros natural for many species of fish and crustaceans that migram to multiply, and also of a great amount of species of plants. Second research of IEPA, one of the few areas that not yet the antropica action suffered from aggressive form (although to be visible the aterramento) is the undertow of the Lagoon of the Indians, however this can change if the community if not mobilize, what we (gegrafos) observe at this moment in relation the lagoon we are that it presents a smoothed source, followed of declivity, therefore in the rainy period it receives great amount from water, pluvial as in such a way superficial and subsurface remaining full in this period, no longer period of estiagem, the heat is very intense causing the increase of the evapotranspirao, remaining water only in the canal, in this period is perceived cracks in the ground with the vegetation being muinto dries, entering in spontaneous combustion. Between the diverse floristicos and faunisticos aspects, a rich biodiversity is verified that had been not yet studied and catalogued, dasconhecendo thus its medicinal, nourishing and also ornamental potentialities.

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