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Why are afraid to meditate? I hear quite often questions like these: 'How to leave the state of meditation? It is said that bridges of this state may collapse and then kind of like where you can stay and that … Continue reading

Great Hairstyles

A woman may have a fantastic hair, a great hairstyle or a truly modern hair cut, but it will be ruined with split ends. Split ends are produced by everyday damage the hair receives, which almost punishes more that area … Continue reading

Learn Self And Others

When I was going to become a psychologist, and did not know the specifics of this work, I imagined this skill as something magical. Well, for example, that I can with one glance at a person to tell his past … Continue reading


She flew near the sleeping and tail loosened. As a big fan of Chinese disagreed this tail gradually. Initially did not notice the sleeping really, what is this tail is not discerned. And when made out, I saw the incredible … Continue reading

Respect For People

An experiment was carried out by a scientist who said to him to the subject that was in charge of a switch of electrical unloading with a variable tension that was going to be used to punish to another subject … Continue reading