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In order to define to Carraipa it is necessary to say that it is a beautiful piece of earth, drawn by the brush of God in the clear linen cloth of its infinite wisdom. Danny Meyer contributes greatly to this … Continue reading

True Feelings

The suffering with that it characterizes all and any person, cannot be hidden much less removed of the condition of human being of each one. Mainly as an only manifestation in the case of serious illnesses that can acometer all … Continue reading

Central Nervous System

The advances that had also reached this area had taken the formularization of theories on the central nervous system, demonstrating that the human thought, perceptions and feelings were products of this system. To know the human psiquismo it starts to … Continue reading


She flew near the sleeping and tail loosened. As a big fan of Chinese disagreed this tail gradually. Initially did not notice the sleeping really, what is this tail is not discerned. And when made out, I saw the incredible … Continue reading

University Center Leonardo

We are moved by the certainty of that it is task essential of the pertaining to school education to every day surpass and to move away the contained obscurantistas ideas in the preconception, in the racial, social discriminations The violence … Continue reading